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Coney Island Con Men & Affable Hucksters

Coney Island Con Men & Affable Hucksters

They’d sell you the shirt off your own back

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This is the ROCKETEER podcast #7. Here are a list of the stories mentioned in this podcast:

Pete Manx stories (as by Kelvin Kent) in Thrilling Wonder Stories

  1. Roman Holiday” (1939-Kuttner)

  2. World Pharaoh” (1939-Kuttner)

  3. Science is Golden” (1940-Barnes)

  4. Knight Must Fall” (1940-Barnes)

  5. The Comedy of Eras” (1940-Kuttner)

  6. Man About Time” (1940-Kuttner)

  7. The Greeks Had A War For It” (1941-Barnes)

  8. Hercules Muscles In” (1941-Kuttner)

  9. Dames is Poison” (1942-Kuttner)

  10. De Wolfe of Wall Street” (1943-Barnes)

  11. Grief of Bagdad” (1943-Barnes)

  12. Swing Your Lady” (1944-Kuttner)

Squaredeal Sam McGhee stories by Nelson S. Bond

  1. One's Got to Be Best” (The Blue Book Magazine, March 1943)

  2. Nothing in the Rules” (The Blue Book Magazine, August 1943)

  3. Music's Got Charms!” (The Blue Book Magazine, November 1945)

  4. The Gripes of Wraith” (The Blue Book Magazine, August 1946)

  5. Knights Must Fall” (The Blue Book Magazine, January 1947)

  6. A Matter of a Pinion” (The Blue Book Magazine, March 1948)

  7. Daze Without End” (The Blue Book Magazine, November 1948)

  8. Strikes to Spare” (The Blue Book Magazine, May 1949)

  9. Black Magic” (The Blue Book Magazine, February 1951)

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The Rocketeer
The Rocketeer Podcast
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